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Remove Rust From Your Mazda Verisa 2004

by usedautoarena
Used Mazda RX-8

Maintaining a Used Mazda Verisa 2004 is Tough:

Cleaning and maintaining a used car is not a an easy task, you have to spend time and money on minor repairs, handle everything carefully as compare to a brand new car and then you have to keep an eye on the repair bills at the end of each month. To get rid of heavy car maintenance bills you should try doing some basic car repair and maintenance steps at home garage. For instance if your Used Mazda Verisa 2004 is rusty and there are only a few patches of rust on the car you can do it easily by following simple steps.

  • Firstly, you should identify the rusty areas on your Mazda Verisa 2004, once you know the rusty patches check your tools. You should have dust mask, gloves, safety glasses, you should also check for sand paper, car color spray, tape, masking paper and dual action sander.
  • Cover the areas around rust with a masking paper and fix it with tape so it won’t bother when you will be removing rust and the color spray will not splash on windows and other parts of the car.
  • Once you place masking paper now use DA (dual action) sander to remove rust and set its frequency between 80-150 gtr in order to get a smooth and leveled surface when you run it on a rusty area.
  • Now, use a primer spray and apply on the un-painted area after removing rust and leave it for 24 hours to dry. After that take a car color spray and apply it on the primer to get a fresh and even color effect.  It will give a new painted look to the repaired area on your car. Leave it for another 24 hours until its dry and mingled with the rest of the car color.
  • Finally remove all masking papers and tapes and do not wax your car for 30 days at least. Here you go with a rust free Mazda Verisa 2004….

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