Mazda Premacy- The Complete MPV

Mazda Premacy- The Complete MPV


Mazda Motor Corporation is based in Hiroshima, Japan founded in 1920 as part of Automotive Industry. It is the fifteenth biggest automaker by production having more than a million vehicle sold across globe. The name Mazda comes from Ahura Mazda, the god of the earliest civilization in Persian Empire known for wisdom, intelligence and harmony. The Mazda had the manufacturing started from 1999, with re-badge version sold by Fords in Asian Markets.



The Mazda comes as a multi-purpose vehicle with first generation having two or three rows with space for five to seven passengers. The second generation added third row of seats with accommodation of six passengers with ease. Hence the passenger space is high enough to adjust medium size family with ease, with storage area optimization through folding or removable second row, near flat floors and fold flat rear seats; all contributing to luggage storage with optimization.

Gear Shift and Engine Layout


The 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmissions came in the first generation of Mazda Premacy, while the second generation came with addition of 5 speed automatic transmission analyzing the trend of growing demand of automatic cars in this hectic life. The last generation of Premacy from 2010, brought in 6 speed manual transmission with 5 speed automatic transmission availability only. The automatic transmission assisted those, looking for a less tiring experience with touch of technology with the manual transmission best working for those looking for the traditional driving experience bringing power to shift gears.

The engine layout came in front engine front wheel drive, bringing in fuel economy with multiple displacements in question. The displacement of first generation Premacy is 1.8 L, 2.0 L in petrol and 2.0 L in diesel engine bringing in inline 4 technologies. The 2.3 L was the addition in second generation (2005 to 2010), with engine improvement. The last generation brought in 2.5 L, 2.0 L and 1.8 L all in inline 4 technology.

Features Inside


The interior of Mazda Premacy included power option of Power Window for smooth glass shift up and down with Power Steering for effortless turn on road. The infotainment is at its best with single screen acting as a TV and Navigation. The TV gives access to favorite program while the Navigation provide complete map of surrounding giving access to information about nearby petrol pumps, hospitals, hotels and much more.

Hence Mazda gives complete control with its fine consideration to details.

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