Repair Toyota Probox 2008 Exhaust Pipe at Home

Repair Toyota Probox 2008 Exhaust Pipe at Home

Have You Gotten A Nice Toyota Probox 2008?

You have got a nice Toyota Probox 2008 after investing a lot of money and you maintain it monthly by taking it to a nearby garage, you have car installments, warranty and insurance bills and fuel consumption expenses every month which you bear without any choice. But do you know, you can repair your Toyota Probox 2008 at a home garage without any hassle and save a significant amount of money?

10 Easy Tips to Repair Toyota Probox 2008 Exhaust Pipe:

Here are few easy and simple tips to follow in order to repair your Toyota Probox 2008 exhaust pipe at home:

  • Inspect the problem in the exhaust pipe and point out the leakage area. For this, you have to start your car, bend down to the exhaust pipe and check the smoke leakage point.
  • Once you have recognized the leakage area, now it’s time to repair it. You will need your tool box, check you have Jack, Jack stand, hacksaw and muffler tape.
  • You should also check if the existing exhaust pipe has rusty portions, definitely you will have to remove that too.
  • Use a hacksaw and cut the exhaust pipe covering the leakage and rusty areas.
  • Now, take a tin sheet and cut it up to the length of the exhaust pipe of your Japanese Toyota Probox 2008.
  • Now wrap-up the tin sheet on a broom handles to get a perfect circular exhaust pipe.
  • Place one end of the new tin sheet exhaust pipe on the existing exhaust pipe, the new pipe it should be slightly less than in diameter than the original so it should fit in perfectly.
  • Now use a muffler tape and wrap-it up around join of two exhaust pipes.
  • Start the engine and check for smoke leakage, it should not be random as you have fixed the exhaust pipe.
  • Congrats! You have fixed your Toyota Probox 2008 exhaust pipe in 10 simple steps.

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