Prepare Your Toyota Raum 2000 for Summer Fun

Prepare Your Toyota Raum 2000 for Summer Fun

Maintain Toyota Raum 2000 for Summer:

Toyota Raum 2000

Prepare you Toyota Raum 2000 for summer fun, winter is ending and the summer hot beams are ready to strike the cities. In a rushing life everybody will be getting ready to visit beaches and sandy areas to enjoy the flavor of this changing weather. But is your Toyota Raum 2000 ready to accept the change from roads covered under snow to sandy beaches and scorcher sun rays? If not, you need to do some work on it to avoid any problems during this hot and humid sunny weather.

Start planning to wash your car at least once a week, it can be twice a week but still not like winter when you just forget about cleaning and washing car coping with the snow all around. The car washing process requires a bit time and investment of few bucks if you do it in your home garage. Buy car cleaning cloth rather than cleaning with a normal sponge, which contains dust particles and it’s not suitable for cleaning automobile.

Simple Car Cleaning Steps for Toyota Raum 2000:

Never use detergent, it’s a myth that detergents can be used to clean the car exterior but it may fade away the color gradually so better to avoid it and buy some car cleaning liquid soap.

Don’t forget to clean the sand from wheels,  when you drive your Toyota Raum 2005 on sandy beaches the car tires will be full of sand and it can stay longer inside the wheels which cannot be cleaned later. When returning check for sand particles in mudguards, nook and crannies and narrow areas of the car around the lower exterior.

Check your car AC, if its windows and interior need service, otherwise as soon as you will on it in summers after a long winter break possibilities are it will expel cheesy smell due to dust particles and jammed parts.

The engine needs to be refreshed, double check battery that it can resist the heat just like it sustains during extreme cold, it is also suggested to get a quick check up of your car from a nearby mechanic that everything works fine and you are ready to take a fast track drive as summer driving is comparatively faster than winters.

Once you are done with all these steps apply some wax coating on exterior of your car. Wax that is applied on the car body usually breaks down during 90-100 degrees. Also clean the doors and check if they were jammed during cold and still there is a layer of grease that requires cleaning. Cleaning and maintaining your Toyota Raum 2005 twice a month will give enjoyable and smooth driving experience even in extreme hot weather.

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