New Toyota Yaris, surprised with its design and engine

New Toyota Yaris, surprised with its design and engine

650_1000_2014_yaris_hybrid_advance_02The new Toyota Yaris will be available from September but since you can reveal all the details of one of the B segment cars rated by the public. The renovation has been very deep, more than usual, to provide an even better product in every way but without thereby has suffered the final price has barely change.

In this first part we will tell you all the details of your new exterior and interior image and developments that have their engines in which we have sought a greater role for the hybrid version with a new finish more accessible to the public.

New Toyota Yaris in search of the emotional bond

The Yaris has always presented solid rational arguments: a large structure, durability, maintenance cost … What we wanted to achieve is to create a link between the vehicle and not just the head of our clients, but also the heart.

Explains Alessandro Massimo, Product Manager at Brussels, which is the new approach has been sought in creating the new Toyota Yaris , keeping everything and appreciate the customer but looking to go beyond the spirit and drive to be a daily experience.

A front that perfectly reflects the familiar look of the brand, where design ‘Under Priority’ Toyota with details ‘Keen Look’ grills and a merging with the logo in a similar manner to which we have recently seen in the Toyota AYGO and creating an X-shaped structure also makes striking that the new Toyota Yaris look more close to the ground and with a lower center of gravity.

650_1000_2014_yaris_feel!_13Behind something similar occurs with shapes that widen the bottom giving the feeling of having a lower height. A rear diffuser greatly increases the sporting presence when we circulate behind him down the road.

The headlamps feature projector lamp technology with both the crossing and the road. For higher finishes, daytime running lights DRL feature LED technology. Behind also uses the same type of lights with a new layout and a unique look thanks to the use of the guided light.

Interior wider, higher quality and sophistication to the senses

650_1000_2014_yaris_feel!The inside of the new Toyota Yaris also has renewed taking into account the opinions of their owners and customers. The new board narrower allows the dashboard controls more horizontal and the side panels now have more padded surface and dynamism.

Thinking better ergonomics now the shifter is closer driver thanks to the center console has risen. This has allowed likewise create a new compartment for small items. It is also interesting to use the new multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 which will be discussed later and the display grows from 6.1 “to 7”.

The granules of the center panel of the dashboard are different depending on the finish selected. So we can see an “Animal” finished “Technical” or “Geometric”. There is a larger number of soft surfaces that enhance the pleasure to touch and the chrome parts have a more modern satin finish.

We can get lost in the choice of multiple possibilities for tapestries, fabric designs and colors that vary depending on the version. Even if it does not find a taste to our liking.

New Toyota Yaris: petrol, diesel and hybrid for everyone

650_1000_2014_yaris_advance_15The new Toyota Yaris is available with three different engines: gasoline, diesel and hybrid . Also in this new generation just no external differentiation between them except for the blue logo of Toyota hybrid models.

Precisely the new Toyota Yaris hybrid Atkinson rides a 4-cylinder engine and 1,497 cc that is shorter and lighter (17 kilos) using the Toyota Prius. Recirculation has cooled EGR gases, the electric water pump, a distribution chain of low friction, a distribution manifold, an intake manifold made of composite material and a compact exhaust manifold.

In gasoline on one liter three-cylinder engine is completely new. Fulfilling the Euro 6, get up to 37% efficiency (more details in this article), which has reduced CO2 emissions to 99 g / km for a total output of 70 hp . The keys have been reduced weight, higher compression ratio and improved technology variable valve system which permits operation in Otto Atkinson cycle or as needed.

So in city where low speed and fuel efficiency are needed, three-cylinder gasoline engine Toyota works on Atkinson cycle but when he demands a higher yield , this switches to operation Otto cycle allowing you a greater burden and speed.

There is another version with petrol engine, in this case a 100 HP 1.33 and 1.4 for a diesel Toyota Yaris 90D . With a new design to reduce noise and vibration, its combined fuel consumption is 4.9 l/100 km for the gasoline version 1.33 liter and 3.8 l/100 km for the 1.4 D-4D.

They feature six-speed transmission (five for 1.0 70 HP) and in the case of gasoline engine 1.33, you can choose a continuous variable type Multi drive , further allowing the motor always rotate in optimal regimes has a manual mode seven preset speeds selectable from behind the steering wheel paddles or the shift lever.

In the next part we will tell you all the details of the finishes and the new multimedia system that incorporates the new Toyota Yaris.

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