Mitsubishi Galant 2.5L

Mitsubishi Galant 2.5L

The Mitsubishi Galant is a practical family sedan, safe, stylish and engine power; more than a sedan Galant is a work of art.

The Mitsubishi Galant is one of those vehicles that you see again and again and again but want to follow as if they were watching that beautiful girl (or guy in other cases) provica get a lump in my throat every time it crosses your way. Galant lines are quite attractive, with a front design that arched sharply differs significantly from other competitors and give a touch of elegance. But probably the best is inside , do not met a Galant managed to make one. Interior Galant offers comfort and total control over your vehicle when you’re driving.

Now with the specifications and features of the Mitsubishi Galant …

mitsubishi-galant-200x-smThe black leather and titanium board creates an image of luxury within the vehicle. The steering wheel, gearshift and handbrake leather-covered, make the Galant model in Mitsubishi’s highest honor online. To indicate in-dash car digital screen controls.


Comfort inside the Mitsubishi Galant

The integration of the dash and console center give the driver full access to controls, achieving higher performance at the wheel and attention on the road. Furthermore, the rigid structure of the Galant attenuates vibration and noise into the passenger compartment, supplemented by a system of air conditioning with automatic control.

One external and one internal sensor measure and regulate the cabin temperature according to outside weather conditions. Thinking of your tranquility, the ventilation system is equipped by a filtering mechanism that removes pollen and other impurities from the atmosphere.

It has power windows for all four doors-one to touch down and standing to climb down in the case of driver-controllable on the inside of the front passenger compartment, electric mirrors power seats and power door locks with central locking. The fuel door open suitcase and internally. The Mitsubishi Galant has a luggage capacity of 470 liters of cargo.

High performance, power Mitsubishi Galant

Assembled in Japan, the Mitsubishi Galant has a 2.5-liter , 6-cylinder 24-valve V, which also features which give it power to the vehicle, allows you to save fuel, reduce engine noise and emissions to the environment .

mitsubishi-galant-200x-02The Mitsubishi Galant in automatic version control and electric four-speed INVECS II has the technology and dual selection system changes, allowing the driver to change his driving style.

Also incorporates individual suspension on all four wheels for a stable ride.


Safety and accident prevention

The best way to emerge unscathed from an accident is not having it, so the engineers placed Mitsubishi Galant in features that allow you to stop with the same performance with which moves:

1. The ABS braking system with four-wheel disc acts at risk, preventing the vehicle from sliding surfaces-even in wet-and protecting the occupants of an impact.
2. A rigid structure and reinforced by bars located at the center, front and side of the car contributes to greater integrity during collisions.
3. The Mitsubishi Galant is equipped with dual airbags to protect the occupants of the front seats.

The Mitsubishi Galant is a luxury sedan ideal for the family but in our country will NOT be available through the program Miss Venezuela , is not an economy car unlike Star GLi Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi Star Plus .

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