Used cars from Japan – A great Fortune for Japanese used car dealers

Used cars from Japan – A great Fortune for Japanese used car dealers

Japanese used car dealers

Japan is a paradise for used car dealers who are hunting to buy cheap used cars to sell them at a good profit. This is a great way for Japanese used cars dealers to get great return on their investment.  There are lots of used cars in Japan that dealers can buy cheap, sell and even export in different countries on comparatively very high margins. Any used car from Japan has to go through a very stringent export motor-vehicle inspection. There are very strict environmental laws applied for the Japanese used cars and dealers takes the great advantages of that. These laws discourage the disposal of used cars, but encourage the export out of Japan through used car dealers all over the world.

Most of the times, auctions are the places where these Japanese used car dealers find and obtain used cars that can be further sold at good prices.  These used cars are sold at auction just because they are unable to pass the existing rigorous requirements for emission. In Japan Japanese used car dealers cannot sell these cars, moreover the strict environmental laws don’t allow disposing of these cars. So the only option remains is to export these cars to the countries where the emission laws are slightly soft.  Japanese used cars dealers buy these cars at cheap rates as the depreciation rate is very harsh in Japan. The cars that are over 6 years old can bought as cheap as free. Cost of buying these used cars in Japan for dealers is so low that easily balances transportation costs, maintenance or other costs of modifications.

Japanese Used Car Dealers

Countries will need any Japanese used car from Dealer to meet their standards for safety and emission. For instance some of the countries will require modifications like position of steering wheel. Japanese used cars ( the steering wheels on the right hand side and they are designed to drive on the right hand side of the road. So if these Right hand drive Japanese used car are sold then dealer must modify to meet the driving requirements.

In Japan Used car dealers or export agents will for the most part purchase and avail Japanese used cars deals at auto auctions. The auctioneers are responsible to provide all the evaluations and assessment of the used cars in the form of an inspection sheets and place for sellers and buyers can meet. The auctions are basically for Japanese residents who are searching to buy an inexpensive car. On the other hand there are many Japanese used car dealers who act and bid as an agent for importers.

There are over 200 auction groups in Japan out of which 30 are major Japanese used cars dealers for auction that make it easy to find loads of Japanese used cars on very cheap rates.

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