2011 will face the same Challenges – Japanese used cars Dealers painted a not-so-rosy picture of sale

2011 will face the same Challenges – Japanese used cars Dealers painted a not-so-rosy picture of sale

Japanese used cars Dealers

In general the year 2011 steer feelings of anticipation, renewal and great opportunities. However Japanese used cars dealers in Jamaica are skeptical about used car sales.

Japanese Used Cars Dealer Association JUCDA is not so much hopeful about the used car sales in Year 2011. Lynvalle Hamilton the president of JUCDA said that the year 2011 is not looking fine for American, Korean or Japan used cars sale in Jamaica.

Hamilton was elected in July 2010 as the president of JUCDA. He highlighted several of factors related to both local and international used car dealerships. These factors helped him to arrive at the following conclusion.

As he said that, “We are expecting prices for vehicle in Japan would have fallen, but there isn’t any sign seen by us. Based on my conversation with our suppliers and other Japanese used cars dealers, this is not going to happen.” He wasn’t seen to be much hopeful about the either Korean, American or Japanese used car sale in this year.

Analysis of Japanese used cars Dealers

In recent analysis of USA media reports, the currency of Japan has strengthened against its American counterpart. Now a Dollar equals 82 Japanese Yen. This will make it nearly impossible to purchase few out of Japan and will affect the business of any Japanese used cars dealer.

On his way back to home, Hamilton regretted the wicked duties on import of automobiles which he claimed is crippling the business of Japanese used cars exporter. As he added that;

“If there is not a lowering of duties on import, or if there isn’t an amendment to the policies related to import that allow the Japanese used cars dealers (http://www.sbtjapan.com/)to bring in older cars then more dealers will be shutting down their businesses. I suggest the government to revamp the policy to include cars up to six years old.” This import policy limit only 3 years old car for import in Jamaica.

He further added that, “Many professionals in this industry are losing their jobs and most if not all people employed in the used-car sector are from the inner city. The negative consequences are far-reaching.”

The JUCDA president said, that “After holding several talks with the government, there was still no definitive word from them.” The president of JUCDA further said that government is still stubborn, and despite of holding several discussions with government officials, there isn’t any single step or definite answer from them.

“I think government is waiting for us to lose our life,” he said. “I recommend the government to think about reducing the duties on import by 15% or completely remove the Special Consumption Tax on import. This would help in increasing income for any Japanese used cars dealer.

ADA, also review the local import taxes as a loop around the Japanese used car sale sector. The chairman of the new-car importers’ Kent LaCroix, further supported the words of Hamilton.

“It is completely regrettable. And, the government is paying hypocrisy to any discussions we may need to have with the government officials regarding the view of reducing the import duties. Both the consumers and Japanese used cars dealers would stand to benefit,” LaCroix said. “We, on the other hand, keep on discounting our vehicles and bringing in fewer and fewer stock.”

According to LaCroix the year 2010 was good as compared to year 2009 and he saw a rise in Japanese used car sale in Jamaica. He said each Japanese used cars dealer still reported the bad time. The new car business was best because car rental business purchased new vehicles. This improved our figures just a shade over 3,000.

Although there is a need of applying some new policies by government of Jamaica or otherwise many of Japanese used cars dealers will lose their lives due to wicked speculated decline in Japanese used car sale volume.

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