The Practical Car – Honda Fit 2006

The Practical Car – Honda Fit 2006

Honda Fit 2006 is Practical Car:

Honda Fit 2006 is one of the practical cars designed by Honda Company for crowded and busy roads of Japan and to solve the issue of parking large and space occupying vehicles. It is termed as subcompact-B car between 12 to 14 feet long.  The Honda Company launched this car in Japan and EU but later on introduced this it in USA. It is a perfect four-wheeler for those who likes to travel but can’t afford to buy spacious car. According to the car critics, in a reasonable amount of $17,000 a buyer can get exciting features like:

– AM/FM/CD player

– Five-Door hatchback

– Air Conditioning

– Power windows, airbags

– Airbags on front and sides

Honda Fit 2006 Also Called Jazz 2006:

It is also called as Jazz in Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Australia and Oceania. The Honda Fit 2006 is an outstanding achievement by the company giving such features  that the buyers have never seen before, the second row of this car can be folded easily to give more than enough vertical space to stay slant, lay down or relax during a long journey out of station. After folding back seats the front seats can be inclined fully towards the back and a 5’ 4 “ person can comfortably lay down on it.

Another astonishing discovery is the huge space for carrying luggage, if you test the car before buying just place a hockey bag, hockey stick, one big bike, one kid’s bike, a surfing board, an ice box and food stuff all at once and 5 persons on the seats wow!

People who are driving Honda Fit 2006 give very positive feedback, although some people complain that the wheels cannot less resistant to heavy snow fall and barren roads but this is just a small price to pay for a roomy interior, luxurious and comfortable 5 seating hatchback car. It hardly needs any repairs or parts change for at least 5 years after purchasing it, there are no engine issues, it gives long mileage and the buyer drives peacefully.

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