Honda Insight, test (valuation and versions).

Honda Insight, test (valuation and versions).


With this fourth and final part ends test gasoline hybrid passenger Honda Insight. In Spain three versions, which are barely distinguishable visually, the main differences in equipment sold. In some markets also sold a more basic version called S.

These three versions are called Elegance, Executive and Executive Navi. In practice it could be considered to be only two, then one, the highest, Executive Navi , all it does is add the navigation system GPS with voice recognition. This system replaces the conventional sound equipment and also integrates the functions of radio-CD, being necessary to bring down the screen to insert the disc.

Aesthetically browser does not fit too well in the dashboard design from my point of view, but works quite satisfactorily. It can be controlled using the buttons on each side or through the touch screen. The screen looks great, even at an angle, and has a good brightness level. From a visual standpoint, design, detail and color maps seems dated, although the signs are

Honda Insight: three versions, provided 98 HP

The equipment is quite complete, but within normal for a car of this size and price. No more novel elements present security as a system of adaptive cruise control, brake assist system or rail maintenance wizard are.


All versions come as standard ABS with distribution of brake force and stability control and traction. Also standard are airbags for driver and front passenger’s airbags and front side airbags curtain (covering both the front and rear windows).


The airbag is deactivated front passenger and rear seats have ISOFIX child seat anchors. The version Elegance includes automatic climate control, radio CD-MP3 Player with four speakers and controls the wheel, Front wheel grip and leather-wrapped shift, power windows on all four doors, electrical, thermal and folding mirrors and alloy wheels center armrest 15 “wide 175 Executive adds two more speakers (tweeters), port USB, hands free phone Bluetooth with steering wheel controls, cruise control, automatic headlights, rain sensor, burglar alarm, shift paddles on the steering wheel rear center armrest, front fog lamps and alloy wheels 16 “with tires 185 wide.


Possible alternatives to a Honda Insight

Of course you can find several alternatives in gasoline to a Honda Insight, in the C segment compact many models below 4.50 m long and about 100 horsepower, but none that consume less. We must not forget that we also compare it with a version with automatic transmission, to be as fair as possible, and that’s where we reduce the possibilities.

We could also think of an alternative diesel , but here would be a problem: although consumption we could compare, tourism diesel, at least until it meets the standard with Euro 6, does not come close, not even close to the level almost zero emission of particles and nitrogen oxides efficiently car gasoline.


Among the cars hybrids the first comparison that we can come to mind would be with the Toyota Prius , but here, again, arise another problem: there are cars in the same segment, they have the same size or the same finishes or the same power (38 HP more than the Prius ), or indeed the same price.

The most comparable would be the Toyota Auris HSD, which is somewhat shorter, but also C segment. As is somewhat smaller it shows in the trunk, and then loses against Honda. The Auris Hybrid is 280 l and 408 l Insight has.

Where Toyota is wins in power, for it takes no less than the Honda 38 hp (136 HP against 98). Consumption is hard to say who wins, as though the odds of approval Auris HSD consumes 3.8 l/100 km and 4.4 l100 km Insight, the average consumption recorded in Sprit monitor shed fewer differences on average 5.22 Toyota l/100 km and 5.45 l/100 km Honda.


Given all this, I think the Honda Insight is a good alternative to consider for those seeking a patrol car, medium and a good boot with very good road and safe driving quietly and with Automatic comfort, very tight consumption and reasonable price. Personally I will say that is a car that I liked a lot.

Anyone looking for a car with a lower purchase price and do not want automatic, you can find more affordable alternatives, but fuel consumption is greater.

Indeed, as I have commented in the brand, this model will be on sale until the first quarter of next year , as there are units in stock , it will be when I get the Insight 2012 , restyling the current, with slight alterations and acoustic insulation a combined consumption of 0.3 l/100 km less.



Under normal conditions the test would be over here, but unfortunately I had to add this additional last paragraph, I decided holder Epilogue. And I cannot finish this test Honda Insight without the unfortunate anecdote that happened to me.

It was Monday, he had collected Secondhand Honda Insight , a beautiful white color pearl effect, the official Honda dealer Quer engine Avenida Ciudad de Barcelona, ​​shortly before two in the afternoon (and I mean noon because I had not eaten ). After quickly skimming the manual and reset all gauges onboard computer, I decided to take a tour of Madrid.

I was wondering around the city center and up through the old town, up the street, down the street, for nearly two hours. When my body beginning to feel much city driving, and my stomach demanded not eating, I decided to go outside the city and went to the M-40 to finally stop.


There I decided to park the car in the outdoor parking lot of a certain fast food restaurant to eat something not stay long and use the sunny afternoon to get some nice photos as immaculate, white and candid stroller. I had not had time to finish my burger and ask for a coffee, when a restaurant employee wonders aloud in the middle of the store: “Is someone who is a white Honda parked outside?”

It took me a few seconds to react, because my subconscious is programmed to react to a silver Renault , not a white Honda , but after the lag, I replied “It’s mine” (even if provided). The employee then added: “I have just broken glass and he has jumped the alarm”.

Chafo me the rest of the day, I could not believe it. I did not understand how it could be possible, with the day and the car being the view from the restaurant. I ran, and indeed, even intermittent flickering, rodeo car and I find the crystal custody of the left rear door broken and the door ajar own.


Unlock the car close to the couple that the alarm is disabled, and open the back door … the whole interior is full of tiny crystals. It hurt in the soul to find me the car as well. A person, who was eating at the restaurant told me that he heard a loud noise and turned, gave him time to get a quick exit to a FIAT One next to “my” Honda.

Imagine my disgust having to call Honda dealer and tell them the car that had provided me was nothing just broken glass. Luckily they were very diligent and I got a solution for that afternoon. I went back to the dealership Honda Motor Quer and I already had prepared another Honda Insight, just the same, but silver gray (which you saw in the pictures of the article) so that I could go home with him.

By the way, I went to the police station of the National Police closer to press charges, and everything points to that tried to steal the car. He had not left absolutely anything inside the car, and I also found the wrong camera, so everything suggests that broke the glass to open the door, get in the car and try to take it.

The good thing is that the car had alarm, and this jumped, making noise and attracting the attention of the people who were eating in the restaurant. The thief (wrongdoer offender) got scared and decided to relent in his attempt to run away, and leave the door ajar. Luckily it was not anything worse.



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