How to Wash Used Nissan Moco

How to Wash Used Nissan Moco

Used Nissan Moco Car Washing is Necessary:

It is difficult to maintain a car, it requires oil change, seat covers change, cleaning, parts repair, engine maintenance and the last but not the least a regular car wash. A used Nissan Moco car as compare to new requires more attention and frequent cleaning.  This is not necessary to go for car washing services one can try it at home by following simple tips:

The Do’s of Used Nissan Moco Car Wash are:

– The right to plan car wash is when you see dust, dead bugs, bird drops and stains on your car. If this dirt is left for longer it can cause a permanent layer of fade color and dullness on your car.

– As soon as you see such dirt, buy the dedicated car wash soap, few sponges, a pipe, a hard sponge, a brush and clean towel from the super market.

– Start by dissolving the car wash soap in the bucket and fill it half. Now dip the sponge and start cleaning your car. Try to cover the mirrors, front and back windows, bonnet and doors and roof first.

– Once you are done with cleaning the exterior parts of your used Nissan Moco car, now start cleaning tires. Dip the brush in the car wash soap and clean the tire, brush up the inner areas and remove dirt. Now wash it off with clean water once or twice.

-You can also remove the car seat covers and wash them with he normal cloths  detergent, dry them for a while and put them on your car seats as soon as they are dried.

-Clean the wet car exterior with a clean towel; use some stain remover which is easily available in the market. The stains remover will help to clean color stains, pen or market stains, and any eatables stains. However if there are any scratches on your used Nissan Moco car, you can buy a small pack of oil color that matches your car color and use a medium size paint brush. Now apply the paint on the scratch to hide it.

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