Japanese Used Vehicles – Why Japanese Used Mini Trucks Are Well-Known Across The World?

Japanese Used Vehicles – Why Japanese Used Mini Trucks Are Well-Known Across The World?

Japanese Used Mini Trucks

Japanese Used Vehicles – Japanese Used Mini Trucks

Japanese used vehicles are recognized all over the world, especially Mini trucks which are usually called Kei Trucks. The word Kei means “Light Weight”. These Japanese used vehicles known as Kei are less costly, smaller in size, lighter in weight, and last but not the least are fuel-efficient. Kei Trucks are available in automatic transmission, 2WD, 4WD, forced induction engines, air conditioning and many other additional features.

In Japan used vehicles like Kei Trucks are usually used in the works of construction, hunting, fishing, landscaping, farming, hotels, airports, hospitals, automotive yards, manufacturing yards, train stations, industrial complexes, malls, warehouses, parks, docks, museums, race tracks, boatyards, auto garages, industrial mines, sports centers, schools or universities,  and for other commercial purposes.


  • Japanese Used Mini Trucks especially 4X4 is an ATV- Mutli Purpose Utility- Off Road Vehicle.
  • Just like other Japanese used vehicles, Kei or Mini Trucks need to pass compulsory inspection and severe EPA emissions standards. The inspection cost increases with the age of the Japanese used vehicles resulting in immediate export.
  • The engine capacity of these Mini Trucks is available in 550cc to 660cc, no. of cylinder gasoline range from 2 to 4 while their average mileage is 40 miles per gallon.
  • The size of the tires for Kei trucks are 12 inch.
  • Sometimes differential and axle locks are also available in these Mini Vehicles of Japan.
  • The Bed Capacity of these Japanese Used Mini Trucks is 880lbs and weight is 1800lbs.
  • The width sizes of this Japan Used Vehicle are 10, 5 and 4 feet.
  • In USA 4×4 Kei Mini Trucks are only approved for Off Road use.
  • The rear bed of size 4inchesx6inces comes with folding sides while some with dumps and Hydraulics.
  • These Japanese used vehicles come with full instrumentation like, electric, oil and temperature, defrost, wipers, heat, headlights and some with AC also.

In Japan used vehicles are kept with lots of care, Japanese people do care their goods and so is true for their cars. Mini Trucks or other commercial vehicles are bought for the tough jobs and that need enduring durability and reliability. Japanese used vehicles are as good as newer ones and buying a used vehicle from Japan will never let you feel that you made a bad decision.

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