What to Look For in a Jack Stands

What to Look For in a Jack Stands

Quality Jack stand is a life-saver, as when the car jack is up you are at a vulnerable position. Every year accidents resulting in disability or death happen as people do not give importance to buying this product. Think of yourself under the car and the jack fails bad time; imagine the condition of your soft squishy body and tons of weight cars. You do not need to be a car enthusiast to own this, but having it for emergencies like this Covid-19 pandemic is a good idea.

Understanding the Types of Jack Stands For You

Although there are different materials mixed for making a strong jack stand, the material mostly used are either steel or aluminum. These two materials help hold the vehicle preventing slipping, breaking, or deforming. The jack stand mostly has four legs, but there are three leg options also available.

The ratchet mechanism in the jack stand provides a solid positive locking system. It has an opening through which a thick-walled tube or solid bar passes. The structure is attached to a solid base and mostly has evenly spaced holes through which a pin passes to adjust the height that holds the vehicle part up. The fine adjustment helps the jack stand to move from one position to another without impacting the balance of the vehicle.

Although the above-mentioned option has pin too, the locking pin that rests on top of the base or passes through the base and adjustable tube is called a pin-type jack stand. They are mostly preferred on heavy vehicles as they are strongest and reliable of the two.

Check the Capacity

There are jack stands that can support weight between 1 to 50 tons. The 3 ton per stand is sufficient to carry general repair work. This should be seen that 3 tons should be supported by each stand not the two stands together supporting 3 ton. Most brands are sold in a set of two, so a weight capacity should be 6 tons.

Base Scrutiny

The one-piece sheet metal with one joint and one weld is an ideal type of base. So make sure that to gauge quality and reliability you consider this. These aspects define safety, so take care.

Sliding Part Working

The sliding part of the car jack should be moving freely without binding and catching. It should fit base neatly with minimal free-play. Excessive free play shows that the product is substandard.

Wide Base No Fall

As it is said that the wide base of the jack stand requires greater force to fall, so do check the base in that perspective. Not all the working area of the car can be smooth and level, that shakes the vehicle while being repaired. This shaking can be deadly if the base is not the right amount of wide. Check for the widest base and go for it.

Always discard the jack stand once it is damaged in any way. Any level of tempering cannot restore the original strength. The jack stand is mostly inexpensive and when you judge it based on the parameter of life-threat it is not worth the risk.

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