Trucking Hazards on the Road

Trucking Hazards on the Road

Trucking on the Road is a job that may not require a degree or any other specific qualification but it need lot of dedication, concentration and courage to drive trucks on the road. Few people may not agree with this because they don’t know that trucking has so many risks and for them here is a list of few trucking hazard on the road that can be deadly for truck drivers in some cases.

Accidents: Well it is a very common problem in truck driving and almost every truck driver in his life meet with some kind of small or big accidents in his truck driving career. Sometime these accidents could be minor while at other time it could be deadly and major that may even kill a truck driver. Every truck driver accept this risk and this risk even increase when they are driving truck on risky or mountainous roads.

In winter season this problem increases many fold because in winter all the roads get very slippery due ice and this ice does not give friction to truck, as a result of this truck get uncontrolled and it create big accidents and sometime it even fall from higher places and it kill driver instantly.

Medical problems: Since truck drivers don’t get good sleep, they have to eat food on road and they work for very long hours sometime 16 hour and this lifestyle gives them some serious health related problems that include obesity, back pain, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure and heart attack. These problems are directly related to the unhealthy life style of a truck drivers and it is very difficult to avoid this life style especially when drivers are driving the truck for longer roots.

Other than these common problems truck drivers are at high risk for many other problems also that includes cancer, depression, irritation and loneliness. Many truck drivers also avoid regular checkup and treatment of common problems that transform in to some big problem because of this ignorance and for this ignorance they give excuse of less time.

Robbery of trucks and risk of life for driver: May be you assume it’s not a very common issue but ask the opinion of truck drivers about it. Just like accident this is another thing that every truck driver encounters at least once in his life and if driver is not lucky enough or if robbers are cruel then they shoot the driver first before robbing the truck. This is a situation in which driver is at maximum risk because if robbers don’t kill him then driver becomes the prime suspect of robbery and investigators keep on interrogating him for a long time. This interrogation and blame break the driver as a person and it affect them badly on emotional and professional front.

Other than these drivers have to stay away from their friend and family for several days because of the uncontrolled loading and unloading schedule and they have to keep lot of numbers handy with them for different purposes thee numbers could be tax disc phone number, truck company number, service center number and many more. And if they miss any of these numbers they end up losing lot of time and money at the end of the day because of that loss.

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