Toyota Premio 2010 Review

Toyota Premio 2010 Review

Launch of Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion:

The Toyota Premio is an up-gradation or modification of  Toyotal Allion Sedan, although both cars were introduced at the same time but Toyota premio is comparatively an executive class and luxurious car than Toyota Allion. the Toyota Premio is also termed as a compact sedan and its sold in Japan by Toyota according to the Japanese regulations.

Specification of Toyota Premio 2010:

Toyota Premio was launched in 2001, it was the successors of Toyota Corona and Corona Premio, since its launch in December 2001 several revisions were introduced in 2001-2006 and 2007 till present in various forms, modifications and up-gradation considering the buyer’s requirement. The specifications of Toyota Premio 2010 are quite impressive, it is provided with vehicle grade 1.5 F L Packege Brand, interior color beige, exterior color black, fuel can be petrol or diesel, body style is sedan and seats/doors are 5/5.

The Pros of Toyota Premio 2010:

The plus points of Toyota Premio 2010 that makes it stand out of the crowed are, classy and luxurious look, flexible handling and control, less fuel consumption and the warning alarm system to put on seat belts before driving and take out keys when the engine is off. The major difference between Allion and Premio is, Allion is categorized among casual cars while Premio is termed as classy and formal.

The Toyota Allion was launched in the market with the aim to target young generation, its smart looks and sporty style grab the the attention and attracted the youth towards it. the Toyota Allion was also introduced in 2001, its first generation was 2001-2007, the second generation is Toyotal Allion 2007 till present. Its name Toyota Allion was based on “all-in-one”.  It is a 4 door sedan, the first model was marketed in December 2001 which was a replacement of Toyota Carina.

Toyota Premio 2010 and Toyota Allion 2010 are quite similar in terms of manufacturing, engines, fuel consumption and mileage and even launched and modified in same span of time but both cars target different types of buyers and age groups.

The Toyota Premio 2010 is the modification of car intorduced in 2001, it has maintained the consistency with slight changes, while Toyota Allion consist of two generations, the first generation last for 7 years  and the second generation started from 2007 onward.

The Toyota Allion 2010 belongs to the second generation of Toyota Allion and it was a spiced up launch with sharper colors, youthful design, younger and ravishing appearance.  The highlighted change in this model was taillight LED and brighter headlights. It is the top choice of youngsters for long drives and ride at rough  areas.

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