Toyota FCV and hydrogen sedan looks

Toyota FCV and hydrogen sedan looks

650_1000_toyota_fcv_01The future of cars is here to stay. In less than a year, the Toyota FCV, powered by hydrogen, circulate on our roads as promised the Japanese manufacturer at the time. Prior to April 2015 will be available in Japan and in the summer of next year also will be launched in European and U.S. markets.

Logically and parallel to its launch, Toyota is developing an infrastructure to refuel hydrogen, a promising fuel which can be produced from various energy sources, even those friendly to the environment such as solar and wind.

Being able to be stored, transported and best of all, compressed, provides a higher energy density batteries. Its use is not limited to including automotive but can be used as a source of energy on a large scale.

Over twenty years of research at the forefront

650_1000_toyota_fcv_02Toyota began to investigate hydrogen-powered or more commonly called fuel cell more than 20 years ago and vehicles since 2002 had the SUV Toyota FCVH in Japan and the United States, by which was conducting tests in an environment and improving real.

As we told you at some point, the fuel cell vehicles generate the electricity needed to move through the chemical reaction between hydrogen (stored in high pressure tanks) and oxygen. Their only emission is water vapor result of reaction between the two fuels.650_1000_toyota_fcv_03
As for the specifications , but still not the exact data are known, yes you can we count that autonomy is similar to that of a gasoline engine, and can perform refueling also similar to that of fossil fuels form a approximate time of about three minutes , and all with the same comfort and performance of current vehicles.

Finally, we leave you with statements of Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Europe:

I am very excited about the arrival of fuel cell technology. Of course, there are many things to be resolved, such as the availability of refueling infrastructure and information to customers. However, our history with hybrid technology gives us the experience we need to launch a new technology to market. In Europe, we will move step by step, gradually introducing the vehicle in certain markets. Anyway, we are convinced that in the future, hydrogen will gain popularity as a vehicle fuel.

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