Top 5 amazing features in the new Audi

Top 5 amazing features in the new Audi

The Audi is among the most appealing and luxurious cars to ever be released. The car maker has released numerous cars, from the practical A3 to the luxurious A8 and even the sporty R8. The company is perpetually ahead of new car trends, and it always utilizes new technologies first among virtually all car makers. As such, this manufacturer creates some of the most ideal cars you can find anywhere. All the cars are cost-effective. Audi has recently launched the new breed of cars which will last for the following year before they get replaced. There is plenty to excite Audi fans about these new vehicles since they come with some amazing features. There are five features, to be precise, which make the cars truly stand out.

First, the Audi has a powerful engine. The S8, in particular, utilizes an entirely new engine: a twin turbo four litre V8 engine which churns out more than 500 horsepower and almost five hundred lb-ft of pure torque. This varies between 17, 00 and five thousand rpm. Along with being incredibly powerful, the engine is also fuel efficient. It utilizes “Cylinder on demand”, which is a start-stop and a recuperation system. This cylinder on demand works by deactivating half the cylinders when under partial load.

Second, the new Audi utilizes a new interface. In vehicles like the new A3, the MMI controller has been entirely revamped. The four button and dial arrangement has remained. However, there is now a circular touch pad which has been embedded onto the top of this dial. This allows drivers to trace out letters on this touch pad so that they can give the infotainment system an alphanumeric input. In addition, the vehicle’s LCD screen has been reshaped, and is now only one-half inches thick.

Third, the new Audi has a relatively new chassis build. For instance, the S8 has an adaptive air suspension which is uniquely tuned and has variable damping. This allows for the ride height to alter by up to three inches. The system also comes with optional ceramic discs which improve the car’s stopping power and which shed around 11 lbs. of the car’s entire weight.

Fourth, the new Audi utilizes the latest in mobile technology. Here, the new A8, A6, A3 and A7 models switch from 3G to a 4G LTE connection. This connection enables a rapid and highly effective Google Earth integration for the navigation systems. This works by showing you the spectacular satellite images for the terrain through which you will drive.

Fifth, the new Audi has new stylish designs. Here, the door sills of cars such as the S8 have the S8 logo. Other sources of illumination emanate from the MMI monitor along with the driver information system. Each of them comes with specialized and new S8 screens.  Peddles and the shift paddles come in fishing which resembles aluminium.

The new Audis are breath-taking vehicles. To utilize them efficiently, you must be a seasoned and intelligent driver. Otherwise, you should utilize the driving standards contact to ensure you drive your Audi safely.

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