Top 3 Reasons to Change Air filters and How

Top 3 Reasons to Change Air filters and How

Air filter maintenance is neglected, as we use the air conditioning system but never think that there is an air filter in action behind. The engine also requires clean air to run smoothly, while the air that comes to it is with gas, dirt, salt, pollens, and bird feather. If any of this comes to disrupt the functionality as the filter is not working a blast may happen. This happens in severe condition, but the top 3 reasons you need to change air filters and how to do it are as follows;

Fuel Efficiency

As you travel thousands of miles in your car, air filters act responsibly keeping the dirt and clogging out of the engine. When this gets dirty, the airflow to the engine is not smooth. It makes the engine work hard to function, resulting in greater fuel consumption.

The dirty air filter impact your gas mileage by 10%

(PG Filters)

But if you keep it like that for an extended time, fuel consumption will multiply and ultimately greater damage happens.

Better Engine Life

The engine is the responsible part involved in making your car work fine. It is big, powerful but sensitive. Its performance is impacted by a small grain of sand entering inside. As it provides power to different parts so care should be taken to increase its life. Over time the clogging of dirt and other particles can damage the internal part. As the air filters are unable to stop them, because of no absorption power. It is better to invest a nominal amount to change air filters instead of spending more dollars to buy a new engine.

Emission Control Impacted

When the air filters do not work properly, the chances are that your emission control will not work efficiently. This can cause the occupants of the car to face severe health issues, as the internal atmosphere of car pollutes.

How to Change Air Filters

The process is pretty simple but just need your focus. As the air filter gets a year old or has run 12,000 miles, it is recommended to check the filter. It is recommended to buy a new air filter early if you live in an area with extreme sand or snow. The air filter varies according to year, make, and model of car. So you should check the owner manual to reduce the hassle of being in the shop and not knowing the air filter to buy. Having the owner manual can also guide you that at what mileage you should change your filter, so keep it safe.

Open the hood of the car and locate the air filter box at the top or side of the engine. You can identify it by the giant hose sticking outside. Unclasp the big metal clip that holds the top down to open the box and remove the old air filter. You can check the condition of the old one to further check if it’s time to replace it or not. Put the new air filter in the filter box and close it properly.

It might take you a minute or 2 but you have saved your car engine.

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