The Affordable Commute in Dubai : Careem, Uber, or Taxi?

The Affordable Commute in Dubai : Careem, Uber, or Taxi?
Dubai is a country that demands extreme attention to detail. From accommodation, food, and alcohol prices to public transportation costs. It’s all very expensive in Dubai. In addition, these expenses can add up quickly if you’re not careful about how much things cost when backpacking here due to the lack of budget-friendly options or cheap accommodations available for tourists on an economical scale.

Cab culture is quite common in Dubai, and people living here can find several options to get around the city. Using a car is one of the easiest methods for reaching your destination because cabs are very readily available on demand.

Using cabs is also easy for tourists, who want an affordable option because they’re not required by law taxes, or fuel surcharges, like those found on public transport systems abroad. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs to get from point A to B on time, an early riser wanting a quick bite before work or someone going out for brunch with friends – taxis are the way to go. You can either book Careem, or Uber or have them pick up at your doorstep. But if you are short of money, then you probably want to know which one of them is the cheapest option for you. Here in this blog by Used Auto Arena, we will discuss this briefly.

How Much Do Careem Rides Cost In Dubai?

Careem is a ride-hailing service in Dubai that offers both economy, and business options. The Economical cars can be found to include the Toyota Previa, Chevrolet Impala Lexus ES350. It’s business services offer luxury vehicles such as, Range Rover or Mercedes S Class, which are much more luxurious but come at a price.

The Fare for these Careem rides will vary depending upon what type of car you require. If someone wants their journey made affordably, then they should choose Economy Service where all types have fares starting from AED3. Whereas Max option provides six-seater sedans equipped enough space accommodation three passengers each plus one driver.

Careem Rates in Dubai

careem rates

Careem Classes:

First Class

The first-class chauffeur-driven service is perfect for those who desire the best of luxury and convenience. First, passengers get their choice between two sedans that are equipped with everything they could need on any journey. It includes power outlets in each seat, plenty of legroom at every spot along both sides. Then come personal touches like water bottles refilled before departure–something not offered by other companies.

Careem Kids:

Careem Kids is a service that will have your children in safety while you commute. When it comes to taking care of our kids on long journeys we’re all too aware of how difficult they can be – especially when there isn’t enough room for them both inside your car. Careem Kids was founded by two men with experience in the parenting world, and feel the need of filling this gap. The Ca service, Careem has fitted over 5500 cars with children seats across Dubai within just five months’ time to facilitate their customers.

Careem Electric:

Careem Electric is the first of its kind. With Careem, you can now enjoy a safe ride in an electric car without having to worry about combustion engines. You can drive a premium electric car-like, like Tesla in just minutes. You’ll also enjoy fast and affordable rides that are clean for both yourself and the driver alike.

How Much Do Uber Rides Cost In Dubai?

The rideshare industry has grown exponentially, and these companies now offer a range of different options for those looking to commute around the city. Uber is another popular option for everyone looking for a cab service. With Uber, you can choose between several types of cabs, and get your ride on time. Every single trip has 24/7 customer support available at all times so they’ll be there when needed most.

Uber gives customers three options to choose from in Dubai, which include Select, Black, and Uber XL. These are similar to their Economy Business Class seats which cost less than the max fare amount for an individual ride. Max option offers unlimited rides at one time but comes with higher prices per mile driven on some routes.

Uber Rates in Dubai:

uber rates
You can also drive your own car in Uber, and the best way to get around the UAE is with an Uber account. Just make sure you have your own license, and if not it’s easy enough that anyone can take care of this requirement. You may have seen the media reports about how drivers are sexually assaulting passengers.

But what you don’t know is that Uber’s data shows riders can also be accused of this crime in 45% percent of cases. So if a driver takes someone home from an event or party, for instance-they’re just as likely to get assaulted there too.

How Much Does A Taxi Cost In Dubai?:

Public taxis in Dubai are one of the most economical options. You can also book a public taxi via DTC, which will get you to your destination quickly and safely. Although prices are high across the board in this city, but a few trips here and there won’t break your bank account. Plus you have complete control over when and where they take place because of its relative convenience as well as being traffic-free.

Taxi Rates in Dubai:

So Which One is Cheap among All of Them?:

These three ride-sharing services offer different levels of quality. Taxi is cheaper than all others with their base fare being AED 5 However, this comes at a cost as there will be an additional tax on top depending on how far you travel. Additional AED’s will also add to your bill, through toll gates while also having an uncomfortable driver, if you select the lowest package.

Cheapest Ways to Travel In Dubai

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that boasts some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world. However, it can be surprisingly inexpensive to travel here if you know where to look. Here are three ways to get around cheaply while still taking advantage of Dubai’s amazing tourism opportunities.

  • Rental car: This is especially helpful for families who want to explore more than just Dubai’s tourist attractions on their own time schedule.

  • Night buses: The night bus system makes getting around at any place at the lowest cost.

  • Fares from Uber: The cheapest way to get around town! You’ll need an international credit card or PayPal account but if you have one then download Uber before your trip and save yourself some cash.

  • VAT: Taxi, Uber, and Careem fares in Dubai are subject to a 5% VAT. AED 4 is added for each toll gate that you pass through while on route across any of these gates; this also applies if there’s an additional charge from the company itself- so be sure to read your fare before getting into one!


There are many companies that are selling vehicle radiators, but here is the list of our top picks of the year. If you’re tired of your current commute and looking for a cheaper option, it may be time to find a new one. In this blog, we’ve listed the cheapest ways to get around Dubai by explaining in detail the pricing and classes of Careem, Uber, and Dubai Taxi, and hopefully, this will help you decide what’s best for you. . Public transport like buses and trains can also work well depending on where exactly in town you live.
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