Tesla numbers in the second quarter: more batteries, more cars and charging stations

Tesla numbers in the second quarter: more batteries, more cars and charging stations

650_1000_tesla-model-s-telsa-roadster-in-motionAlthough there are not many surprises in the numbers recorded by Tesla Motors in its second financial quarter, nor did we want to stick to analyze figures, it is always interesting to share a series of facts or data that come to light in such official statements.

The company is planning electric cars give a good boost to the production of its most successful model, the Model S Medium term -. Early 2015 – have to launch a Model X, but his priority seems to be to create a good factory battery, the Gigafab.

Objective: To increase production

At the end of 2015, Tesla wants to produce 100,000 cars a year. Elon Musk says that number will come with the ability to create 1,000 Model S per week, and 1,000 other Model X at the same time.

Now it could eventually create about 800 vehicles on a weekly basis, but major changes coming to the Fremont factory more productive.

If we go to 2014 figures, the estimates are to reach 35,000 cars a year. Are far from achieving, as currently they walk near 8,800 vehicles, but say that the next two quarters will be very strong in production: 7,800 in the third.

All machinery must be well greased when the first model “for all ages”, in 2017, known as get Tesla Model III.


Second objective, more charging stations

The network of charging stations is the world’s largest, have an advantage to be starting as soon the work. It is also the fastest growing, with 156 stations, trying to fulfill the commitment to cover the entire United States in late 2015.

The following maps that share the Verge guys, you can contemplate the expansion plans in China – without particular initiatives – Europe or America. It will also be important to see if the various governments let them grow because ideally charging systems are standardized.



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