Seasonal Tips to Maintain Your Car

Seasonal Tips to Maintain Your Car

Every season brings its share of challenges, maintain your car for managing all. In winter the snow may clog your car parts while summers can overheat your car.

Cars are also 50% more likely to overheat in warm weather

(Holt Sauto)

As our cars are sitting in the garage and are expected to stay there for some time, so here we have compiled a few tips that will make it survive seasons.

Climate Control Check

The climate control system in the car helps you in managing the temperature of the car in extreme weather. But before parking your car it is necessary to inspect its condition. Having it serviced is a great idea, as it will prevent damages from staying idle for some time. And you can always turn on the heating system in winter or air conditioning in winters to enjoy the artificial air while you sit in the car.

Engine Oil Check

In summers oil and fluid evaporate aside from the typical overheat issue. So we cannot just wait for it to pass. As we dig deeper we realize that if you have done heavy driving in the past, and have not checked oil condition now is the time to do it. Winter, on the other hand, causes increases density of engine oil. The dark color oil depicts a lot of dirt inside and is also a by-product of winter. So make sure that you have changed the oil before parking your car for an extended time.

Battery Condition

The biggest issue that surfaces, when you start the car after a while, is that the battery gets dead. Make sure that the connection is clean, tight, and corrosion-free. If your car battery is older than five years, make sure that you have it replaced before parking. Give special consideration to the battery in winters.

In the winter your car is 18% more likely not to start.


Lighting in Car

Do check that your interior and exterior lighting is up to the mark. If you identify any issue while checking, have it addressed fast. In winters wax your headlights, taillights, fog-lights to prevent building-up of ice on it. Having a weekly routine of turning the lights on and off might look insane, but worth your time.

Fluid and Car Parts Check

Fluid adds life to brake, transmission, suspension, and some other parts. So make sure that you have lubricated parts well. Do not overdo it, but having it checked once a while might help.

Do check that every part of a car is in the right condition by having a dry run after intervals. This way maintain your car 360 degree.

Tires and Brake Check

A tire is the contact point between your car and the road. It faces seasons more than any other part. Make sure that you do not leave it unattended. Buy a gauge to check tire pressure now and then. Have an air inflator pump at your disposal if the condition gets severe. The brake also accepts the impact of changing seasons. If you have not inspected the brake lining, rotors and drums do it now.

Small tricks like igniting engine to keep the battery warm, or having a short run in the car on deserted roads can add life to your car. Having a spare tire also helps as you go through quarantine.

Maintain your car in different weathers, so when you drive it again you have fewer problems to address.

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