SBT Japan ( is the Leading Used Cars Exporter

SBT Japan ( is the Leading Used Cars Exporter

SBT Japan ( – Import Used Cars Globally

Importing used cars globally is a big business now and just a piece of cake for anyone familiar with internet and scamming on it. It is within your reach, few clicks process and you are done! But the real game begins when you have to verify the company’s prestige and reputation in the market, well; even this is not a very difficult task. Why? Because the companies which provide excellent used cars importing facilities to your country, above average inspection system, fastest shipment and 24/7 efficient customer car get the credibility of its work by valuable and satisfied clients.

SBT Japan ( started selling used cars in 1993, since then the company has sold thousands of used cars globally and there are numerous satisfied buyers who prefer to trust SBT Japan ( for purchasing cars in bulk. The head-office of the company is at Yokohama, Japan but this doesn’t mean that the operations are limited, the company managed to capture the automotive market with its outstanding used cars selling expertise around the world.

SBT Japan ( is the Member of AIUC and USS:

SBT Japan ( is the member of AIUC and USS the two big auctions in Japan and any reputable company must participate in these auctions. The exported cars are inspected by expert inspection and quality assurance teams and until they are exported to the destination country it is handled with extra care to supply the promised car in its original state without any damages during shipment process.

The Competitive Services by SBT-Japan (

The competitive services provided by SBT Japan ( are:

– Regularly updated car stock

– Supply of used cars parts

– Option to view auctioned cars online and start bidding right away.

– Members area to sign up and maintain account to look up reserved cars, purchased cars, released and unreleased cars.

– Maximum assurance of cleaning, inspecting repair and fix the vehicle before shipment.

– 24/7 customer care, 365 days a year.

SBT Japan ( stands out of the crowed, customer satisfaction is the top priority and providing quality vehicles at affordable prices is the aim of this company.  This is the reason SBT Japan ( is leading used cars exporting company as described by its consistent customers.

It was observed in the last 5 months that the used cars industry was badly affected by the declining demand in second hand cars and rapid growth in the new cars selling and manufacturing but still companies like SBT Japan ( strive hard to maintain its position in the market and did great business in such crucial time.

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