Mercedes S320-The Anatomy of the Vehicle

Mercedes S320-The Anatomy of the Vehicle


Mercedes Benz is a multinational, based in Germany and was initially founded in the year1886. The Company has the privilege of manufacturing the first petrol powered car, though the company first Mercedes Benz brand name vehicle came in 1926. There are a number of places where the cars are being assembled now, giving cost advantage with the class advantage hard to compete. The manufacturing and assembly facilities are in countries like Argentina, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Nigeria, Philippine, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, India, Iran, Malaysia, Finland, Turkey and many other countries.

Chassis Codes and Features

Initially in 1994, the Mercedes S320 was available in chassis E-140032M with Power Window, Steering Control, Cruise Control to enhance the power side, while the optional Leather Seats and Sun Roof give a touch of luxury. The wood panel though was available in all, with Front and Rear Fog lights to give a classy inside out look. The 1995 model had safety plank only with Airbags on Driver and front passenger seat with traction control though the 1996 model brought in Brake Assist to further strengthen safety. This gave car a slip proof drive with assistance on rough and wet road alike. The Air Bags provided safety to the people in front, who had more threat to life as compare to back ones. The Xenon lights were added in 1998 with Navigation to keep customer informed, the chassis was changed to GF-220065, while the later model Mercedes S320 Limited, which was available through out 1998 came in the same E-140032M chassis, while the last 2001 to 2002 S320 brought in GF-220065 chassis again.

Engine Details With Displacement

The car came with a 1044 engine in displacement of 3200 CC with horse power of 235 hp in 1994 to 1998 end with power reduction to 231. The 2001 to 2002 brought in more power reduction to 224hp and the engine was also changed to 112. All the Mercedes S320 brought in automatic transmission with 4 gear box till 1996 end, and 5 gearbox till 2002. The car has complete grip on road with smooth drive because of strong suspension, while the weight 10.36 m3 justify the displacement at the best.

The Mercedes S320 is a complete car with full specifications, best justifying the make Mercedes Benz.

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