Be Careful When you Are Giving Your Mazda Verisa 2004 For A Test Drive

Be Careful When you Are Giving Your Mazda Verisa 2004 For A Test Drive

Your Mazda Verisa 2004 Is A Valuable Asset:

Car is a valuable asset everyone would like to keep dear. Spent so much money on buying and then maintaining, one fact about car purchasing is that the buyer try to check all ins and out before spend a penny and signing any contracts and try to exhaust the seller by asking too many questions about car history, maintenance any accidents etc. If you are one such seller who is facing annoying buyers while selling your Mazda Verisa 2004 you should be careful before giving away your valuable to somebody for a test drive.

There are certain risk factors, do’s and don’ts of giving your car to completely stranger that you never met before and doing conversation for selling your car. Just suppose somebody comes to your door and ask you to lend him $10,000 for a week, you didn’t know him before, would you even think about lending him any money. Of course not, same is the case with your Mazda Verisa 2004, how can you think about allowing your car to somebody without any security and considering the risk factor.

Beware of Risk Factors When Giving away Your Mazda Verisa 2004 For a Test Drive:

When you are giving your car for test drive to somebody always keep in mind:

– The buyer is a complete stranger until you know him previously through any reliable source; therefore he can harm your car, steal parts from it and can even take it away leaving you in a miserable condition.

– Check if there are any valuables in your Mazda Verisa 2004, any legal documents, cell phone, laptop or other such gadgets that might be stolen in your absence.

– Never allow the buyer to drive your car for more than 15-30 minutes. If you 15 minutes are OK to take a test drive but if he/she insists 30 minutes are more than enough. Remember that 15 minutes are too much to steal car parts.

– Ask the buyer to share any documents, like identity card, employee card, social security number or anything with which you can track him in a case he try to run away.

– Prefer to spend few hundred dollars on installing GPS system in your Mazda Verisa 2004, once installed nobody can ever take your car away since you can track its position anywhere.

Think twice, if your instinct says do not trust the buyer and he/she appears suspicious do not give away your car keys to him and look for another opportunity.

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