Increased Pressure on General Motors For Recalled Cars

Increased Pressure on General Motors For Recalled Cars


General Motors has been under strict radar for the issue of recalling of cars that have been the reason of casualties due to faulty ignition. However in the Federal Court filing in Detroit it was stated that in the 80 tests that were conducted on the recalled vehicles there was no occurance of malfunction at any step while there was nothing attached to the ignition key. GM’s confidence in the process was solidified and stressed upon when GM CEO Marry Barra stated infront of the Senate committee that she would be comfortable in allowing her teenage son to drive any of those vehicles before they were repaired.

Inspite of such confidence, there is still inflow of great pressure on GM from numerous outlets. A texas lawyer, Robert Hilliard aims to confront Barra through a letter with the signed permission of a nurse who had recently experienced car stalling despite of attaching nothing to the ignition key. The affidavit supporting the nurse’s statement is present and will be presented when the the lawyer demands the Federal Judge to order GM to not only recall and repair the cars but provide a statement highlighting that customers should not drive the vehicles until they are repaired. There has been the presence of multiple users who claim of consistent problems of car stopping after the removal of anything from the ignition key. Donna Justice and Jessica Justice have come forward during the deposition claiming their stoppage of car on hitting potholes immediately. Another woman from North Carolina stated her case during the deposition saying removal of items from the ignition key did not make any difference.

Inspite of largely backed petitions, user statements and stringent declarations, GM stands firm in tis ground stating their confidence in their cars and the security it provides its users. There is alternate pressure on GM for providing the users with alternate transportation if the courts guess against their defence.

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