Electric vs Diesel, long-term comparative

Electric vs Diesel, long-term comparative

04Whenever we talk about an electric car comes the issue of price, figures that at first glance are very high if compared to existing models with equivalent combustion engine, which based on a production scale, have managed to lower the cost to levels really low.

But the question is is it so expensive electric? for to know we can draw on an excellent article you can find in Motorization where our partner Morrillu has led to detail all the expenses of his Honda Civic diesel costs that reveal that buying a car of this type, is the first of a long series of charges.

That’s why we will compare these figures with those that would result after five years of driving an electric model similar segment, ignoring the obvious limitations of an electric , as is the limited autonomy, and selecting a model with almost the same cost initial.


First find the Nissan Leaf , with 80 kW (109 hp) and much higher than the Honda equipment , as well as integrated browser and rear camera Nissan has access and keyless start , fog LED …


According to data provided by Morrillu, Civic, after five years and 168,501 miles , has spent a total of 10,216 liters of fuel, which have involved a payment of 11,300 euros and the direct emission of almost 27 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Meanwhile the Leaf only need the corresponding recharge , since we are assuming a total absence of faults, something that is much more likely for extreme mechanical simplicity of an electric car about a complicated diesel engine.


In short, the car is one of the major expenses of a person is something we all know forever, but what many people have never stopped to think is so important to long-term amount of having a car to our economy, something to what electrical, being aware of their limitations , have come to offer an alternative.

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