Bravo eGo, a folding electric that will come from Russia

Bravo eGo, a folding electric that will come from Russia

bravo_ego-14-1A young Russian company introduced last year and a folding electric tricycle has honed over his work and has finished developing a small compact folding electric car with four wheels will soon start marketing and it expects to sell in Europe in the coming years.

The company in question is called Bravo Motors and the model developed by them eGo Bravo , an electric two-seater powered by lithium iron phosphate and lithium able to fold its rear wheels in just five seconds, just press a button to take less space when parked.bravo_ego-7Not the first time someone develops and intends to release in a folding vehicle. Without going any further in Spain we had the Hiriko Fold as one of the pioneers in this field, and one of the most innovative. There have also been other projects like the CASPLE Podadera and outside our borders and sympathetic Armadillo-T , just to give an example.

Bravo eGo: folding, electric and practical

The eGo Bravo is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 90 km / HP, while in “shrunk” can travel at 10 km / h thus being able to save the stairs or curbs lifted its bottom 40 cm of soil. Parking needs only 1.5 meters, so it fits in almost any space between two cars even width.

But why the name of Bravo eGo? Its creator, Konstantin Artemiev, wanted to make a pun on e-Go, and the initial electric vehicle, but at the same time also wanted to convey with the Latin pronunciation “ego” the individualistic character and identity of the vehicle.

bravo_ego-8Their contained measures 2.60 meters long and 1.40 meters high and 1.20 meters wide, and its lightweight body of fiber reinforced plastic and polycarbonate side windows, raise the weight of the assembly only 440 kg, including the driver, supporting a total of 200 kg of payload, so it is a very interesting option transport small pear.

The movement system is entrusted two motors in the front wheels of 3 kW each, so in total just over 8 hp power, ie, the equivalent of a motorcycle engine 125 cc. The braking system has the function of energy recovery and to further contribute to the saving of this lighting system is the LED type.

Bravo Motors is now accepting orders for delivery of the first units of Bravo eGo in the spring of 2015. To drive there to know it operated with the joystick will bring instead of the wheel, in the same way that instead of a current dashboard also come with a flat screen with internet access and from which the interior temperature, audio system, vehicle information, etc. will be controlled.

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