Automotive technologies friendly to the environment

Automotive technologies friendly to the environment

tecnologias-automotrices-amigables-medio-ambienteDue to the growing concern of people in the world to care for the planet Earth, we have developed different automotive technologies friendly to the environment. Its main use is to try to reduce the burning of polluting fossil fuels.

In today’s modern world, humans are about to face an acute shortage of energy in the near future. This grave situation has been caused by coal mining and crude oil. When fossil fuels are burned, they release harmful pollutants such as sulpher oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, etc… These pollutants are damaging the Earth’s atmosphere and create major health risks for all types of life thrive on this planet.

Because of this, researchers and scientists have been trying to develop automotive technologies friendly to the environment to help reduce and prevent the burning of fossil fuels

The most important automotive technologies friendly to the environment

Hybrid Cars

What is a hybrid car?

A hybrid car is a vehicle designed to operate with two or more distinct power sources. Most hybrids are known to derive their power from a combination of single or multiple electric motors and internal combustion engine. Hybrid car was developed as alternative vehicles guzzling fossil fuels today. These hybrids are known as HEV or hybrid electric vehicles. Apart from its ability to keep the environment clean, these cars help reduce the amount of money that the owners must pay for fuel. The mileage of these cars is simply awesome as it can travel up to 80 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

autos-hibridos-25Hybrid vehicles are not a recent phenomenon. The most common example of a hybrid that we see regularly is the diesel locomotive, as they can get the energy needed to run on diesel or electricity. These friendly automotive technologies to the environment have adapted more and more to provide higher performance (we invite you to learn more about hybrid cars). Biodiesel and its applications Biodiesel is basically a form of vegetable oil or may even are a based diesel fuel in the fat of animals. The molecular structure of this new fuel is simply a long chain ester. When animal fat or vegetable oil is reacted with alcohol, you can create the necessary fuel to run cars.

Biodiesel-25Biodiesel can be directly used to run cars or even can be mixed with conventional diesel and then use. The amount of biodiesel in any blend is denoted by B, followed by a number indicating the amount present. For example, completely pure biodiesel is denoted B100. The single diesel engines can be easily run on B20.

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