17th Annual Automotive and Spare Parts Exhibition in Africa 2014

17th Annual Automotive and Spare Parts Exhibition in Africa 2014

17th Auto Expo

Every year the African Community witnesses a ground breaking International Trade Expo on Automotives, Spare Parts, Accessories and Transportation in Tanzania. This annual event results in attracting numerous industrialists, investors and exhibitors from 28 countries and numerous viewers from East and Central Africa. The expo serves as an excellent platform for exploration of business from several countries under one roof.

For the past 16 years Tanzania has been organizing the Automotive Expo for numerous countries from Africa due to its highly professional and booming market ensuring that the country stands out as Africa’s major regional trade center. This year the event will be held at the Mlimani Conference Center in Dar-es-Salaam on 8th May till 10th May 2014. Tanzania has always been the choice of the venue due to its cordial business relations with foreign investors and products. The expo highlights the business and opportunities in 6 major segments at the event that has direct relevance to the Automotive Industry. The categories included in he event are:

1. All kinds of Cars/Commercial Vehicles (2 & 3 wheelers etc.)

This category includes all kinds of cars and commercial vehicles that are presently found in the market. Its availability, details, information and business opportunities are highlighted in the event. Numerous vehicles like transportation vehicles, monocycles and scooters, motorboat and marine products, transportation vehicles and mopeds and bicycles are few among numerous ones that are present under the umbrella of this category.

2. Tyres & Batteries

The expo not only highlights the vehicles and the cars in its exhibition but it is concerned with every small detail every step of the way. In this category the expo showcases another important segment that is concerned with supreme performance of the vehicle and an essential potential industry connected with the automotive industry itself. This includes a wide range of tyres and batteries that are mostly catering to the local market in Africa and its growing strength.

3. Garage & Fuel Station Tools & Equipments

Along with the growing Automotive industry, the supporting segment of Garage and Fuel station Tools and Equipments needs prompt attention as well. The 17th Automotive Expo plans to reflect light on the importance of he related parallel business which needs investments to successfully thrive in the African Community. The service station products, petrol station products, automotive tools and several more will be highlighted by numerous organizations and firms from all over Africa.

4. Body & Spare Parts

The companies introducing and dominating the African Automotive Market have a significant chunk of their investments and endorsements if the spare parts and body features needed at hand for customer reliance and need. Various exhibitors from East and Central Africa aim to get additional information about such companies and their offerings. The major players will exhibit their superior goods in the expo to avail the opportunity of personal and commercial interest.

5. Oils/Lubricants

Along with the Automotive market, the Petroleum Market’s boom goes hand in hand. With increasing investments in Automotive industry and exposure to that segment, the petroleum market gathers just as much momentum through its direct involvement through the oil and lubricant usage for vehicles. The 17th Automotive Expo aims to highlight this connection and its growing spectrum in Africa and exhibit its need to potential users and local and foreign investors.

6. Accessories & Security Products

The 17th Automotive Expo in Africa aims to highlights this category through car accessories, car care products, car loans/finance, traffic safety and signage products, automotive paints and security products. The amount of exposure and lime light needed in this category will be provided through out the event that is catering to almost the whole of the African continent.

In order to take part in the prestigious event several exhibitors (local and foreign), sponsors, visitors, dignitaries, media and advertisers have already signed up to ensure their presence in the 17th Annual Automotive and Spare Parts Exhibition in Africa 2014.

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