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Will Technology Make Luxury Car Features Available to Masses?

by usedautoarena
New luxury car features depicted by similar car
Over the years we have seen that many luxury car features of past have converted to mass available technology features. Yet few remained as a luxury option only because of its inclination to the aesthetic side. Today we will discuss a few features that have been converted to technology ones.

Tweeter Speaker

The tweeter is a special type of loudspeaker that few luxury cars offer as part of their audiophile-targeting range. It provides a world-class musical experience that is a retreat. It pops-up from the dashboard in Aston Martin making the commute a distraction-free musical experience on the go. With the changing technology, this feature will be replicated by the introduction of a high-threshold music system. Due to safety concerns, it might not be introduced in a car. Or maybe through smart technology, it will have it played when the car is parked somewhere.

Smart Watch Enabled Entry

Although in the future it will be available in all cars, a decade before transponder watch was introduced as a high-end luxury experience that locked and unlocked car doors. It was the luxury car feature back in 2006 that cost thousands. With smart technology and IoT, we will soon see devices controlling car functions to the whole new level. Who knows that tomorrow, the self-driving car might be controlled by the watch to counter the safety issue it faced today.

By 2025 IoT Enabled or connected cars will be 77 Million

(Business Insider)

Next Level Infotainment Pack

Some luxurious cars had next level infotainment pack with two iPads /Android tablets, two in headset displays, and a dropdown 12-inch screen. This offers the information outlet on multiple levels so the passengers remain informed on a diverse level. The carrying of the additional tablet also gets obsolete. The space available in this type of infotainment package can be 15 GB to more. This is a feature that technology might conquer by having a device that provides infotainment to every individual differently. Technically we have it today in the form of smart phones that might not have a 12-inch screen but definitely has all the information and entertainment factor included. Over the years luxurious options have evolved and have mixed with technology. Many options that were considered a luxury to follow by selected few have now been converted to technology features that everyone can have. But there are few that technology might never conquer as they are more towards the aesthetics then ease. So we have included one as an example:

Leather Air Vents

Air vent is the most neglected but important feature of a car, as the cool or warm air is blown in the interior through it. The cleanliness of vent determines that you will breathe filtered or dirt-filled air. Luxury car manufacturers have taken it to the next level by providing a “feel premium” experience. Porsche has once such a new luxury car feature converting the air vent lining to leather. Hence the air enters interior through the leather that has a feel of making occupants feel top-notch. Hence, in my opinion, technology will make the selected luxury car features available to the masses.

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