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Parameters To Judge The Goodness Of Oil Filters

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Some people might not pay much attention to oil filters, but in reality, oil filters are an extremely important part of your vehicle. Oil filters have a huge responsibility for removing contaminants from the motor or engine oil that you put inside your vehicle. When you put oil inside your vehicle it comes in contact with a lot of contaminants, with the internal combustion of the engine, and with numerous tiny particles present on the metal surfaces inside your vehicle.

If there is no oil filter to remove all these particles, then the particles will start accumulating in the circulation system of the car and ultimately in the engine. This will increase the wear and tear rate of the engine, and over time, it might lead to an engine seizure or breakdown.

Therefore, to prevent such problems, oil filters are used inside vehicles. Eventually, oil filters get dirty and clogged too, therefore it’s your responsibility to clean them or get them replaced after some time. This way the oil that reaches your engine will remain clean. If not cleaned properly, the dirt from the oil filter itself will also be recirculated around the vehicle and engine, cause even more severe problems.

So how do you decide which oil filter is good and how it will take good care of the oil filtration process inside your car? Lucky for you, we will be answering that question in this article, so read further.

Capture Efficiency & Micron Size

The first thing you need to focus on when buying a premium oil filter is its capture efficiency. For example, if an oil filter has a capture efficiency of say, 90% for 15 microns, then it will successfully stop all the particles of 15 microns and below. The other 10% of particles that are above 15 microns, will pass through. This is a good rate if you’re paying a premium price for it so make sure you consider this.

Dirt-Holding Capabilities

It’s also very important that the oil filter you’re choosing has a good capacity for holding dirt. And this is even more important if you travel a lot on dirt or gravel roads. If your filter has a high dirt-holding capacity, you would have to get your oil filter change a lot less frequently, saving you time and extra money as well. But keep in mind that there are no particular indicators in cars to show the health of your filter, so keep checking it every now and then for its condition.

Build Quality & Design

Another important thing to consider is the build quality and design. Make sure that the oil filter you’re getting, matches your car, and fits perfectly. Moreover, make sure that the filter is not made from lightweight or cheap plastic, as that can melt due to the heat or break. Always look for and invest in good quality filters that have a solid frame, to withstand all the harshness of the road.


Taking care of your vehicle is as important as it is, to take care of yourself. Therefore, it’s crucial to check each and every component of your car, including oil filters, on a timely basis so that your vehicle stays in pristine condition and you keep running it for many years.

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