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Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

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Dubai, UAE – November 18, 2018: Cargo van Mitsubishi Fuso Canter in the city street.

Mitsubishi Fuso manufactured it’s the first-generation Canter in the early ‘60s. And, in the initial years, Mitsubishi released almost 3.4 million Canter and 2 million heavy-duty and medium trucks. The line of releases has gone through multiple tests and trials to be able to be the perfect fit for the users. Mitsubishi Fuso canter is popularly known as the truck best for light-duty commercial purposes. The line plays a vital role in establishing Mitsubishi Fuso as a top provider of commercial trucks in Europe and Asia’s marketplace.

Qualities of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

  • If we compare Canter to its competitors in the same segment, the vehicle price of Canter is considered reasonable. The engine is strong and it also comes with a 4-wheel disk brake.
  • The maintenance cost of Canter can be saved very easily. The equipment installed is very advanced than other trucks in the market. With every changing model, new equipment is integrated to upgrade the quality.
  • Even for the second-hand vehicle of the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter, the quality and the high mileage do not decline. The engine is strong enough to cater to high-speed runs, standstill, and acceleration.
  • In the name of the Mitsubishi, Canter is considered to be the only small truck that is marketed in Europe. In the same sequence as Canter, there are various other models including Fighter, a middle-class truck that owns the highest market share in Japan, Super Great, a big truck that has the honor to bag the award for Good Design Prize in Japan.
  • Canter is the most suitable, convenient, and comfortable ride. If you take a close interior look, you can acknowledge that driver and passenger’s comfort must have been kept as the first priority.
  • Canter is comprised of several body variations including the high roof cab, wide cab, standard cab, and standard cab with a simplified crane system.
  • The driver can very easily access and operate switches and levers that have been ergonomically set.
  • Due to its prime qualities such as functionality, reliability, efficiency, comfort, safety, Fuso Canter is recognized as the ideal truck for light-duty commercial assignments.

Specifications of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

  • Canter’s gross vehicle rate training has a range starting at 3.5-tonnes and increasing up to the new model of 8.55 tonnes. It has previously extended from 7.5 tonnes, which allows maximum payload potential of over six tonnes.
  • Considering the 3.5-tonne model, Fuso has a list of body variations available with drop side and tipper bodies that comes with chassis cabs, and wheelbases range starting from 3200mm to 4400 mm. The widths of two bodies are available in 1950mm and 2200 mm.
  • There are three alternatives for engines available in Canter varying in different horse-powers from 129 HP delivering 300Nm, 147HP delivers 370 Nm, to 173 HP units deliver 430 Nm.
  • Every released model of Canter has integrated exhaust brake along with the Eco-efficiency characteristics of the powertrain which are considered to raise the level of the economy by 9%.


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