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How to Use A Car’s Cruise Control System?

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If you have bought a new car or you’re planning to go on a long road trip, it would help you a lot if you’d know about your car’s cruise control system.  If you don’t know a lot, don’t worry this is the complete guide on how to use your car’s cruise control system, when not to, and if you even need it.

What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control allows you to drive at a specific speed after it’s been locked by the driver that allows you to relax and take the feet of your pedal. Cruise control is designed to be used on roadways without frequent stops, turns, or required driving maneuvers.

Now if you’re wondering whether your car has cruise control or not, all the latest car models do have the option but if you can’t find it, check the steering wheel of the car. If you still can’t find it, it might be time to take out the car manual as the cruise control button can vary from car to car.

Do I need it?

Well, if you drive on highways regularly or if you spend long hours on the road; cruise control can help you make the journey much less tiring. Not having your foot on the gas at all times can cancel out the fatigue. But do you really need it? If you’re traveling within the city and your travel distance per day is less than 1 mile then you definitely do not need it plus even long drives on the highway, a lot of drivers prefer to drive without cruise control as it gives them a sense of control so yes you can live without cruise control but it would definitely make your life easy.

The 4 Steps Of Activating Cruise Control

1) Build Speed

The primary use of cruise control is on interstate highways or from city to city. Remember that highways have low traffic and have a speed limit that needs to be followed. So you can’t drive too slowly or too fast on a highway, there are rules that need to be followed so build your speed to a level where you’re comfortable driving for a long period without breaking any law or frequently changing speed.

2) Switch Cruise Control

Once you’re driving on your desired speed, switch the cruise control button on. The cruise control signal would appear on your dashboard. If you can’t find your cruise control button or if you attempt to find the button while driving that could be extremely hazardous and might cause an accident so find it before you get on the highway.

3) Set the Speed

Once cruise control is on now you can set the speed at which the car has to travel from now. This will communicate with your car to hold the current speed. After the cruise control is set, you can remove your foot from the accelerator and the car should maintain its speed.

4) Controlling Cruise Control

Once you’re all set, pressing the brakes would automatically switch off the cruise control and the accelerator pedal doesn’t work to increase the speed. Then how do we change the speed if we have to?

There are usually buttons right next to cruise control that allows your car to accelerate or deaccelerate. This helps you find the right speed if there is a change in traffic or if you need to speed it up. The cancel button helps in pausing cruise control and gives you back the whole control of the car.

Our tip would always be to keep the speed in the lawful range and be extremely focused while driving on a highway.

When to not use Cruise Control?


Remember that cruise control was made for roads with low traffic and a clear drive. If you’re traveling in the city with high traffic, do not use the cruise control as there would be a huge chance of an accident with a bystander or another car because of fixed high speed. Driving in traffic requires a lot of speed change that isn’t possible in cruise control.


If it’s snowing or raining, the advice is to never be on cruise control because there are chances of hydroplaning. So if you want your car to stay on the road driving smoothly and not flying off the road, switch off the cruise control it’s raining.


Remember that the speed is fixed and you can only take the feet off the pedal but that does not mean you get too relaxed and end up dozing off or taking hands off the steering wheel. Cruise control cannot be substituted for driverless driving so please don’t try anything stupid.

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