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Benefits of getting an oil change

by usedautoarena

To make sure your car keeps operating smoothly and lasts longer too, you need to get regular oil changes for your car. Some of the benefits of changing the oil regularly include:

It keeps your engine clean

The oil flows from the engine to keep it running properly, but often dirt and specks
tend to gather in it. If oil change does not happen regularly then these particles will build up to become sludge, which will cause the internal mechanics to become slow. If you live in a dusty and dry area, there are more chances of dirt making its way into your engine. To operate smoothly, your engine must have clean oil and a clean filter so it can easily distribute oil and lubricate all the parts that move. It will also make the exhaust and emissions from your car cleaner.

It helps your engine have a longer life:

Since oil is the life of the vehicle, if it is changed regularly, the engine will have a longer life. Oil not only lubricates, but it also protects the important parts of your engine from regular wear and tears. As a result, changing the oil regularly will also extend the lifespan of these internal moving parts.

It helps you have better gas mileage:

The factors
that may affect gas mileage include the driving environment, how we drive the
car, and how often the vehicle is maintained. If the maintenance is not done
regularly, then dirt and debris will build up inside the engine and cause
friction, which damages the engine. To reduce friction, an oil change may be
necessary as it can help you have clean oil that optimizes your engine performance. As a result, your engine will not
have to work harder to run, so you will have better fuel mileage.

It gives you better engine performance:

Oil tends to
break down over time as it is exposed to heat. This results in it being less
able to lubricate engine cylinder walls and it has less viscosity. So the more
your oil is dirty, the harder your engine will have to work. If sludge develops
on the inside walls, then it may also block the flow of oil to essential areas
that need lubrication. Oil also works to draw heat from the other parts of the
engine, but if they are covered with sludge then these parts will also heat up.
This means the engine will lose horsepower and mileage as it will be much less
efficient. A regular oil change can ensure that the engine keeps running
smoothly and the overall car performance will be improved too.

It helps you protect the environment:

Dirty oil results in hydrocarbons building up inside your engine’s crankcase, which then are being sprayed out into the atmosphere. The hydrocarbons get burned in the engine and are released through the exhaust. As a result, you will have more hydrocarbons sprayed out, which decreases your chance of passing the emissions test. So a regular oil change will help you pass this test, and save the environment from pollution too.

When you bring your vehicle for an oil change, the mechanics there will first drain out the old oil and add a new filter, and then the new oil. So to enhance your experience of driving and get a better fuel economy, it is better to keep changing your oil regularly

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